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Dec 7, 2013 5:00am PST
republicans have made it clear on any issue from the bucket, economy, jobs, health care, immigration you name it they will stand in the way of quote giving him a win. they don't want him to succeed. as we know, there have been two books wren that republicans collude before he was inaugurated to insure he would not be successful. so a president's job is to be hopeful and optimistic. that's what the president is being here, but that's not to say that he shouldn't try. because the president, while hopeful and optimistic. he's dealing with all these obstruction and impediments, he has to try, otherwise why be in the job? >> what's the point of the job. isaac, when you watched the interview, it was sort of interesting to watch a president expound at length about what it's like to be president while he's president. it is sort of an interesting experience we don't get to see. what were you seeing? what were you taking away from what you heard the president talking about this week? >> this was the first interview obama has done in a few weeks where he seemed back on hills game, he seemed con
Dec 8, 2013 5:00am PST
thing, if we don't pass it, the whole economy collapses. >> the older members who have to slowly walk them through. >> the last couple of years have been a pretty good demonstration of the value and not having term limits. we're running out of time. i got a few here i might as well share in no particular order, i'll put them out there. gerald ford was right to pardon richard nixon. i don't know if that is popular. i think he was. i don't like -- i hate -- i hate the idea of a balanced budget amendment. at the federal level. maybe different at the state level. i cheer against -- let me qualify this, when it comes to basketball, in the summer olympics, i tend to cheer against -- i tend to cheer for the team playing the united states, in basketball only, because the united states is such a -- this is really unpopular. because the -- it is such a -- they're beating up on the -- the united states versus this toiny country. i shouldn't have confessed it. and that's the danger of this segment. >> in new york to say that. >> i'm sorry. i love you, america. >>> political figure came to office
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2